We’re Winding Down

Jan 10, 2017

Random Fandom Box is at its end

The two of us at Random Fandom Box would like to thank our customers and fans for supporting almost 3 years of awesome fandom-themed mystery boxes. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and dropping interest Random Fandom will no longer be offering our bimonthly boxes. The recent Anime on Ice box will ship as normal in mid February, with an upcoming Awesome Box mixed fandom box, as well as the possibility of special edition boxes in the future.

We will still be around while running the Geek Studio blog and store so you can continue following us there for fandom merch and the occasional giveaway!

Thanks so much again for your support and enjoyment of Random Fandom Box. This was a hard decision for us to make. We’ve loved seeing your unboxing videos and pictures, the outcomes of intense fandom votes, and the overall love of the boxes. Thank you for a great 3 years!

Use the code THANKYOU at the checkout to get 20% off your order this month.


Hero of Hyrule Shipping Oct 10th

Oct 5, 2017

And Pumpkin King Shipping Estimate

Good news! The Hero of Hyrule Mystery Box will be shipping soon!
We have gotten confirmation that the Nendoroid figures have been shipped to us and should be arriving tomorrow. We will be assembling the boxes this weekend and shipping them out first thing next week!
We’ve also had a few people asking about the expected shipping date of the Pumpkin King Box. As of right now the shipping time hasn’t changed from what we had listed on the preorder page. It is expected to ship mid/late October because there will be a brand new, newly released, licensed product in the box. If this changes we will update you here but currently that is still the expected shipping time.

Hero of Hyrule Box

Sept 11, 2017

Shipping Date Still Unknown

Currently we are still waiting on the Nendoroid figures for this box. We are hoping to have them by the end of the month so that boxes can be shipped out in September like we originally estimated, but we cannot guarantee it since we are waiting on the manufacturer to get them to us on time. As soon as we know when we’ll have the Nendoroid figures we will be sending out an email to everyone who has ordered so that you know when the box is coming. This will also give everyone the chance to update any shipping information that might have changed.

Hopefully we’ll have a more solid update for you soon!

Smash Box Shipping This Week

July 24, 2017

Plus limited edition boxes coming up!

The final item we were waiting on for the Smash Box has finally been delivered so the Smash Box will be shipping on Wednesday! Thank you guys for being so patient with this box.

In other news we will be having limited edition stationary boxes filled with pens, pencil cases, and more, coming out on August 1st. They will come in three styles; Glitter & Gold, Summer Fruit, and Sweets & Treats. These boxes are not preorders so will ship right away so that they can get to you in time for the new school year!

Smash Box Update

July 6, 2017

Unexpected Delay

There has been an unexpected delay that is pushing the shipping of the Smash Box back a few more days. The factory that was making the exclusive item that we were waiting on for the box had a fire and most of the items were burnt or damaged. Because of the fire they are not able to remake them so we had to switch to a different item. It will still be exclusive and custom made just not the same thing we originally planned for the box. But it also means that it’s going to take an extra 5-6 days for them to be made before shipping to us.

We’re hoping that the factory can get them finished and shipped to us for the 14th so that we can spend the weekend packing boxes to get them out as quickly as possible.

Smash Box Shipping Soon!

July 3, 2017

Expected to ship next week

Right now we’re waiting for one more item to be delivered before the boxes start going out. It’s an exclusive item we had custom made for the box so it’s taking a bit long! But it should hopefully be delivered by the end of the week so we can start shipping next week!

Herowatch Giveaway & Box

June 8, 2017

Enter our new monthly giveaway!

Starting now we’re going to be running a giveaway alongside the preorders for the current box. Box preorders will open soon after the preorder for the previous box closes and will run for a full month.

Our current Overwatch giveaway has open and you can enter here. Entering your name and email gives you one entry, referring someone with your share code gets you 5 entries, and if you preorder the Herowatch box you get an extra 25 entries! Once preorders close the winner will be drawn and contacted.

Note: The entries that you get for preordering the box have to be entered into the system manually by us so they will not show up right away. This is a new system we’re trying so please be patient with us while we work out the bugs. If we have issues with the manual entry all preorder entries will be added at the end of giveaway and preorder period, right before drawing the winner. But don’t worry, if you ordered your extra entries will be added even if they don’t show in your total entries on the giveaway page.

The Upside Down Box Cancellation

May 8, 2017

Refunds and Coupons Incoming

We have had the Stranger Things themed Upside Down box open for preorders for the last two weeks but the preorders have been unexpectedly slow. Unfortunately, since our pricing and ability to curate these boxes relies on the number of preorders we receive the Upside Down box is being cancelled because of low interest. This box had the lowest number of preorders out of all previous boxes we have done, with less than a third of our next lowest selling box.

With the cancellation of the box all normal preorders will be refunded within the week. Customers who ordered a discounted 3 pack of boxes will be sent a custom coupon code so they can choose any of our future boxes to replace this one.

It is unfortunate that the Upside Down box will not be going forward but we thank everyone that ordered and hope for your understanding on this issue. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at contact@randomfandom.ca.

Keyblade Kingdom Update

April 13, 2017

All Shipped and Extras Going Up Soon!

All of the Keyblade Kingdom boxes have now shipped and should be arriving to most people soon. We’ve a lot of questions about extra boxes and we will definitely have some available. We will be posting some extra Keyblade Kingdom boxes on Monday April 17th at around 12 noon EST. There will be a limited number and we’ve had a lot of interest so be aware that they might not last long.

If you’ve received your Keyblade Kingdom box make sure you post your unboxing pictures or videos and tag us so you’re entered to win a free box! #randomfandombox

Hero of Hyrule Box Update

April 3, 2017

Shipping for the New Nendoroid

We were just informed by our supplier today that because the Nendoroid is still in preorder through the manufacturing factory that it is not expected to ship to companies until the summer. That means that the box might not be shipping out to customers until mid to late summer depending on if there are any delays from the manufacturer or shipping delays with us getting the Nendoroids. We will be emailing everyone who has already preordered to update them on this issue but if you have any concerns feel free to email us! We’ll be keeping you updated whenever we find out more.

Hero of Hyrule Box Crashes In!

April 2, 2017

Brand New Legend of Zelda Merch in a Mega Box

The new special edition Hero of Hyrule Mega Box is up for preorder right now until April 15th. This box will come with a Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid figure that is newly released! We’re super excited to be including one of these adorable vinyl figures in a box. The Hero of Hyrule box will also come with 5 other Legend of Zelda items including a couple of larger items to make it a mega box.

Keyblade Kingdom: Shipping Soon

April 2, 2017

Shipping Starts Next Week

We are waiting for one more item to arrive so that we can start packing all the boxes. It’s supposed to be delivered on the 6th so we’ll be spending the weekend packing and getting your boxes ready to ship the week of the 10th. If you have any concerns about your order just send us an email at contact@randomfandom.ca.

Wizarding Wares: Complete

December 1, 2016

Now onto Gravity Falls!

We have gotten all of the Wizarding Wares boxes out the door and on their way to you! The new Mystery Shack box is up for preorder until December 7 so grab that one while you can. The Mystery Shack box is expected to ship sometime in January. Because of the holidays coming up there will be delays in us getting the product in so this page will be updated again when we have a more exact shipping date.

Wizarding Wares: It’s Almost Ready!

November 23, 2016

Current Estimate: November 30th

We have finally gotten the last item for the Wizarding Wares box delivered! We are going to be working hard packing all of the boxes and getting them shipped out to you. Shipping confirmation emails should start going out this weekend and we hope to have all boxes shipped by November 30th so keep and eye out for that email. This is also the last chance to double check your address and make sure it’s correct before we ship. If you notice something wrong with your address just send us an email at contact@randomfandom.ca and we can update it for you.

Thanks for being so patient during these delays!


Wizarding Wares Update

November 17, 2016

Current Estimate: Shipping Late November

It’s been a while since our last post about the Wizarding Wares box so we thought we would update you about what’s been happening. We mentioned previously about an item on backorder that we were waiting for before we could start putting boxes together. We just found out today that the item has been delayed another month because production delays and isn’t expected to ship to us until early to mid December. That was obviously much too long to wait since we want to try to have these boxes to you before Christmas. So we’ve had to replace the planned item with something else.

Since our info cards with what’s in the box have already been printed each box with have an extra little card explaining the change and the item that had to be replaced. Once the replacement item has arrived and we start packing the boxes we’ll post another update. But right now we’re still planning to have the boxes out by the end of November and they should arrived before the holidays for the US and Canada.


Wizarding Wares Shipping Estimates

October 22, 2016

Current Estimate: Shipping Late November

We’ve had a few people asking about when the Wizarding Wares box will be shipping. Currently we are estimating this box to ship in late November, just like was listed in the product description during the preorders. There is one item in the box that is on backorder and will be shipping to us in the middle of November. So as soon as we have that item the boxes will be assembled and start shipping to you.

What does this mean for the holidays? If the boxes do get shipping by the end of November then orders going to the US and Canada will probably arrive before December 25. International orders will most likely not arrived before the 25th. This is not a guarantee though! Because of the holiday, shipping can take longer than normal and there are unexpected delays. So while it is definitely possible that US and Canadian boxes will be delivered before the holiday we do not guarantee it.


Avatars Box: All Shipped!

October 20, 2016

They’re on the way

All of the Avatar Boxes have been shipped besides a few that had issues and will be going out this Monday. If have not received your shipping confirmation feel free to email us and we will confirm the shipping and give you any tracking information that applies.


Avatars Box Update

October 14, 2016

Shipping Soon!

The last item for the Avatars Box arrived today! We will be working all weekend to assemble boxes and get them ready to ship out on Monday. Shipping confirmation emails will be going out this weekend but tracking numbers for the US and Canadian orders will take a few days to be active. Thank you for being so patient while we deal with these delays.


Avatars Box Shipping Delay

October 9, 2016

Update on the estimated shipping date for the Avatars Box

One of the custom made items for the box has had production issues and caused a shipping delay. Normally we would have started shipping at the start of October but the item needed to be remade and so we are still waiting for it to arrive. This final item is supposed to be delivered this week so we will be able to start packing the box and getting them ready to ship.

We’re hoping to have the first batch of boxes shipped out by the end of the week but that is not a guarantee. Once the delayed item has been delivered and we’ve started packing the boxes another update will be posted so that you guys will be kept in the loop!